Updated: May 27

Balancing work, family and our social lives can become very overwhelming and tiring. A pattern I've noticed with many of my clients is that they have way too many things that they commit to with not enough hours in the day to complete it. When we aren't aware of how to properly time manage we can experience stress and anxiety.

Are there too many things that need to be done and too many thoughts that are racing through your mind where you start to feel overwhelmed? Do you feel like you are working on overdrive? Sometimes we have too many mental notes and other times our brains have too many tabs open while trying to balance our personal and/or professional lives. When too much is going on we can mentally, physically and emotionally collapse...this is better known as 'burnout'.

Be sure to know when you are over working yourself in all aspects of your life. Use these below warning signs as a way to figure out if you need to give your mind and body some


1. short fuse

2. negative thoughts

3. unrealistic goals/schedule

4. sleep problems

5. always tired

6. poor nutrition

7. no down time/time for yourself

8. constant overwhelming feeling

9. very busy but accomplishing little

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