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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

A good career coach can guide you through obstacles, create a system of intelligent workflows that help you set and achieve goals, work with you on presentation and leadership skills that you want, help you cope with difficult work situations, design a career plan and much more. Career coaches are most useful when a person is considering major changes in their career, such as a change in industry or a relocation. If you look at your professional history and find that without a clear strategy you are changing jobs, you should consider hiring a career coach who can help you structure your next steps.

Signs you may want to consider a career coach:

  • You haven't looked for a new position in a long time.

  • You want to make a big change in your profession.

  • You don't have a large network, therefore your major plan is to apply online.

  • For several years, you haven't updated your résumé or LinkedIn profile.

  • You're still figuring things out and don't have a specific aim or professional goal in mind.

  • You're rushing "away" from a fresh opportunity rather than "towards" it.

  • You're in a bad spot as a result of long-term unemployment or a tough separation from your previous employer.

  • You've been looking for a while but haven't gotten any results.

  • You always make it to the first round of interviews, but not the second.

How can a career coach help?

A career coach can help you create CVs, cover letters, elevator pitches and other facets of the development of your professional brand to be more successful in finding a job and advancing your career. A career coach will be in your corner throughout your journey to make sure you are ready for all situations.

If you are looking for a new job or sending resumes but your job search is not seeing the results you are looking for, a career coach can help. If you feel stuck at work or dissatisfied at work, career coaches whose job is to help you find success and satisfaction in your professional life can help.

A great career coach can help people take the steps needed today to improve their careers and professional success, including building a strong network, using social media to build their personal brand and connecting with powerful mentors and sponsors who can help them succeed. A professional career coach will not only help you to ask the right questions, but will also provide you with resources and support to find your next steps and to hold you accountable for setting and achieving your career goals.

What skills does a great career coach have?

A career coach is an expert in skills such as career planning, looking for a new job, interviews, public speaking, negotiations, branding and personal development. Overall, a career coach will provide support and advice to achieve your career goals, whether it is improving performance in your current role, pursuing a change of job or making a complete career change.

What are some of the best practices suggested by a career coach?

The crucial thing is that the client and the coach design the ultimate goals of the coaching program, keep them present in their minds, and that the client makes continuous progress for longer than most.

Career coaches will keep you up to date with the latest hiring practices and how they help job seekers, whether you've been looking for a new gig or have changed careers several times in your life. A career coach can help you create the job enquiries, cover letters and CVs you need to enter one of these business environments. Even if you are not connected to a job search or an app or website for professional development, a career coach will help you understand how the recruitment team uses these tools and how to use them to your advantage.

An expert can assist you at every stage of the employment process, from selecting a suitable job, perfecting your application documents, to coaching through job interviews and more. Coaches can also help with specific tasks such as writing CVs and preparing interviews. A good coach and his staff can work with you to create a CV that is a nicer version of LinkedIn, find your profile on LinkedIn, job search strategies, job interviews, networking, productivity and acceptance of job offers within the first 21 days of your new job.

What can you expect from working with NF Coaching

  • You can expect to gain career confidence, insight, encouragement and inspiration

  • You can expect to gain interview preparation skills and confidence that will help you succeed

  • You can expect to figure out short- and long-term goals

  • You can expect more focus and structure

  • You can expect to be held accountable

  • You can expect to discover your skills and your strengths

  • You can expect to be able to apply your skills and strengths into helping you find the right career path for yourself

  • You can expect to be able to determine whether you need to make any adjustments to your career path and if so, what those adjustments should be

  • You can expect to find a meaningful job that aligns with your values and goals

In summary:

If you are stuck in a job that leaves you unfulfilled and want to try to find another career path, you might want to hire a career coach or seek career advice to help you find the career path that is right for you. Trying to start a new career can be daunting but if you've spent a lot of time thinking about a career change but haven't done anything about it, it might be time to find a career coach for your journey.

Learn more about Career Coaching here:

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